How to Increase Your Bitcoin Earning by Referral using Mellow ads.

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2017)

There are lots of Bitcoin earning sites which allow you to earn Bitcoin by referral. But it is hard to increase referral network. There are mainly three ways to increase your referral.

  • YouTube
  • Blog
  • Advertisement

Increasing referral via youtube and blog is a hard task to do. So today we are talking about increasing referral via Advertisement for FreeYeah, you can publish advertisement with your referral link just for free using Mellow ads. Here is how it works.

Mellow Ads is a Bitcoin advertising network where you can advertise your ads. There is also a faucet system which allows you to claim free Satoshi( from 3000 to 30,000), once every 24 hours. All you need to do is click on the Claim now button and complete a captcha to confirm that you are human. Such Satoshis can only be used for Network Campaigns and cannot be withdrawn. Your each day claim is enough for at least 3 days of network advertising.

earn Bitcoin by referral

Here is what you should do:

  1. Register and sign-in to Mellow ads.
  2. Claim free Satoshi daily
  3. Create New advert
  4. Submit for approval
  5. Start your campaign

You can easily register, sign-in and claim from their faucets.

Create New Advert
  • Click on the Advertise of menu bar,
  • Select Create New advert: Give an Advert title, select Banner as advert type (pop under is not good for this) Write a nice advert text. You can change Advert title and text later so don’t worry. Now in website copy paste your referral link from any website you can to increase your referral. Select the appropriate sensitive category of the website. Click on create

Mellow Ads create new Advert

  • Download banner GIF from the particular website and upload in Banners section. You can upload as much you want. Edit your text and style until you are satisfied. If all is set Click on Submit for approval. If you change after submitting you have to re submit.
  • Once you submit wait for at most 24 hours. You will receive emails of your ads is being Approved or rejected. Most of all ads will be approved. Now you can start your Campaign.
Start a Campaign
  • To start a Campaign, Click on Advert and Start a Banner Campaign and select start Daily Campaign.
  • Give Campaign Name (Only you can see), Select your approved advert
  • Put how many days you want to Run advertise Campaign in duration and Amount per day in BTC minimum is 1,000 Satoshis.
  • Click on Start a Campaign and you are ready to receive some referrals for free

You can see 4 Clicks daily if you want to increase your performance you have to increase the amount.

Here is how Daily performance for the different amounts

For 0.00001 BTC (1,000 satoshis)

mellow ads 1000 satoshi

For 0.0001 BTC (10,000 satoshis)

Mellow Ads 10,000

For 0.001 BTC (100,000 satoshis)

Mellow Ads 100,000

For 0.01 BTC (1,000,000 satoshis)

Mellow Ads 0.01 BTC

For 0.1 BTC (10,000,000 satoshis)

Mellow ads 0.1 BTC

For 1 BTC (100,000,000 satoshis)

Mellow Ads 1BTC



In this, you can Advertise your referral link using free Satoshi claimed form mellow ads faucets. Register to Mellow ads Now.

Here is List of all paying sites I am working on.

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