15 Advanced Tactics to Increase YouTube views

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2017)

Almost all new YouTubers are often in search of tactics for generating more youtube views. After all, what’s the point of uploading a video, if nobody is going to watch it, right?

If your videos aren’t getting enough views, there’s a good chance that you’re missing something. Today I am going to teach you exact method I used to increase views in my client’s youtube channel.

Let’s talk first about common mistake made by early YouTuber,

Say no to click bait

Well,  there are a lot of software and website (except Google itself) available on the Internet which will claim to provide you youtube views for money. These website use bots to increase your views, stay away from them. YouTube has caught onto many fake views and banned their channel, without prior warning so be careful.

Secondly, I don’t recommend using click baits titles and thumbnails. Sure, it will generate fast views but low video retention, which is very bad for video ranking. Moreover, youtube will suspend your channel for misleading content.

Experiment with google ads

Ads might sound like a little bit of a cop-out here. But, running YouTube Ads is definitely one of the best ways to generate the right kind of views for your videos if you are selling some kind of merchandise in your video.

If not…

Stick with these step to increase organic youtube views

1. SEO: Optimizing your video for the search result is the first and foremost thing to do for each one of your videos. Check out My Ultimate Youtube SEO strategy

2. Playlist: Playlist is very powerful tool, most of Youtuber don’t realise. Create a playlist and add your related videos into that playlist. If any visitor went into your playlist they will loop inside, if videos are interesting and related.

3. Create good thumbnail: Three default images shown by youtube are not good.  Custom thumbnail becomes part of your media platform branding. You might have noticed similar thumbnails in all video of your favourite YouTubers. You can experiment with the following

  • Use images of people in your custom thumbnail
  • Edit your thumbnail to include text overlay, using a keyword, based on the topic your video covers
  • Include an image that reveals an interesting section of the video – for example, the end result of a ‘how to… video.’

Good Youtube Thumbnail

You can use Photoshop, online image editor to make a custom thumbnail. If you want fast method use Tubebuddy custom thumbnail generator.

4. Use of end screen/Cards/ suggested videos: YouTube has a powerful feature called “Featured Video”. And it’s a dead-simple ways to get more views to your high-priority videos. As of “cards” and “End screen” discussed detail in user engagement technique

5. Organize your homepage: Don’t leave your YouTube channel an unorganized mess. Youtube homepage is most often visited page in your channel, so make it organized. here is the way you can organize your home page to get maximum user retention to your channel.

  • Create channel trailer, It will autoplay so make short, (not more than 60s), interesting and quite compelling for visitors to stay in your channel.
  • Add recent upload section to publish video on your homepage.
  • Add most popular videos section to increase more views in your popular videos.
  • Of course, Playlist has power so, create multiple sections with a different playlist.
  • Add a section with a list of playlists.

These are basic, you can organize as you want as the needs of the channel.

6. Be consistent: The key to having a successful Youtube channel is consistency. Your visitor should know when you are going to publish next video.

Moreover, if your target audience is from developing country like Nepal, India, many users don’t subscribe and don’t even signup into youtube.  As for those users who don’t signup into youtube, they will get recommend video from cookie data saved in their browser which will expire in some days. So its good to publish video as fast as possible if you are in early stage of youtube. Check geographic audience data from analytics.

7. Social Share: You already might know, a Social share is key to increase your youtube views. But you might not know, you can share videos from your playlist to optimize your view. It will share the whole playlist. Try it and feel the difference in views.

8. Use of Q&A sites:  You can mention your video in popular Q&A sites like Quora, Yahoo! Answers or forum related to your channel’s topic. But if you try to go in there and plaster links all over the place, you’re going to get banned in a flash unless you link to YouTube.

Because you’re posting your video in a place where people are desperate for information on a given topic, the views you’ll get are extremely high-retention. Just search for a question on your video’s topic. And add a link to your video. Or better yet, embed it into your answer.

9. Optimize old video: Old video generally reach saturation limit of views and get lost in the dust unless you have millions of subscriber like pewdiepie. Optimizing old video with a good new thumbnail, a new title will definitely get new visitors.

But remember not to make it misleading, it will decrease video retention and Youtube penalties channel for misleading content.

10. Embedded video into blog post: If you have a blog, Whenever you write a blog post (on your site or as a guest post for another site), embedded your video at suitable spots. This INSTANTLY got your video a few hundred high-quality views.

11. Link To Your Video In Your Email Signature: People that email you (like your friend) generally like you. If you get lots of email link your recent video to email signature. You will get some high retention views.

12. Link exchange: You can talk with some friend to embed your video in their blog in exchange for link of their website in your video. You can also exchange link with other youtuber also.

13. Collab Video: Making videos with other youtuber is always fun and attract more traffic. If you are just starting out it will be difficult to get collab. But if you come up with some crazy idea you will definitely rock your youtube views in a day.

You can also ask to put your channel on their feature channel, link in end screen and you do the same.

15.Use Competitor’s Channel Name as a Tag: If you notice the same channel showing up in YouTube search, again and again, you’re probably wondering: “how can I get a piece of that?”. Well, there’s a sneaky way to get listed as a “related video” for their videos.

Just use their channel name as a tag in one of your videos. For example, if you noticed a channel dominating your niche. You’d want to add their channel name as a tag to your video. This trick will cause your video to you show up more often in the “related videos” sidebar when people watch videos from that channel. That means more views for you.

These 15 Method will increase your youtube views in short time. But don’t forget to optimize your video.

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