How to rank YouTube videos : Youtube SEO strategy

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2017)

YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine getting over 30 million visitors per day. Today I’m going to show you how to rank youtube videos in the top of the first page Step by Step.

Step I: Find keyword

Video keyword often refers as target keyword, it is target word or phrase you want to rank for if anyone searched for it. Keyword research is very important and vital for Optimizing your video.

There are tons of Tools for Keyword Research which helps you in keyword research. For Youtube it’s best to use

Step II: Make awesome video

It is obvious to make your video awesome with good sound quality, video quality. but here are additional tips you can do to optimize your video:

1. Use Keyword in your video

Now, Youtube not only reads your title, description, tags. but also can listen to your videos. If you use your keyword in the video, Youtube release that, this is a right video to rank. Using keyword within 10 sec of video ranks much better. Don’t spam your keyword in the video your Youtube channel will be suspended without any warning. Use keyword 3 to 4 times.

2. Know your audience and keyword

You must know what people want when they search a certain keyword. like if you are a painter and make a video about providing paint service with title how to paint your wall. you will probably get some thumbs down and low video retention and won’t get any client. because people want to learn how to paint wall from your video.

Instead, if you teach how to paint nicely you might get some share & likes. You even can get client if your video is popular.

3. Make video at least 5 minutes long

Longer videos rank better than short video, so at least make the video longer than 5 minutes. If it makes sense for your video to be even longer than that, go for it. Don’t worry about your video is too long. If it’s awesome, people will watch it.

When you search word “divi”- which is WordPress premium theme look how long video shows up. You can try searching popular single keyword like”website”/ “WordPress”. There are tons of video about WordPress, website and divi but the long video gets ranked.

Make long video: Youtube SEO

4. Use Engagement technique

Like, comment, subscribe etc are called engagements on youtube. Good engagement ratio is considered as good video. Here is what YouTube uses to determine the quality of your video:

  • Video retention: The percentage of your video people tend to watch (the more, the better).
  • Comments: If people comment, they probably enjoyed the video (or at least watched it).
  • Subscribes after watching: If someone subscribes to your channel after watching your video that sends a HUGE signal that you have an amazing video.
  • Shares: How many people share your video on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Favorites: The number of people that favourite your video or add it to their “Watch Later” playlist
  • Thumbs up/Thumbs down: Self-explanatory

You can easily increase engagement ratio by simply asking people to like comment subscribe to your video. This is a simple technique but much effective. Learn more in detail about engagement Technique.

Step III: Uploading video with SEO in mind

Here is how you extract the most SEO value from your video while uploading.

1. Video Filename: When you’re done with the video make sure that you use the keyword in the video’s filename. This may not be much a ranking factor. But it doesn’t hurt.

2. Video Title: The title of your video should be at least 5-words long including your target keyword. You get an extra video SEO boost by putting your keyword at the beginning of the title.

3. Description: Video description is very important, so write at least 250 words description using keyword 3 to 4 times. Top of description is much important as it shows in the search result and in video description without clicking show more, so write catchy intro lines in first 25 words. You can also put your link on top this maximizes CTR to your site.

4. Tags: Include a few keywords to help YouTube and Google learn what your video is about. Don’t Spam and put Misleading tags. Targeted tags not only help you rank for your target keyword but get you to ‘Up Next’ more often as a related video in the sidebar area of YouTube. and Trust me Recommend videos are the major source of traffic to your video.

5.Endscreen: Always create a nice playlist to circulate traffic within your channel along with ‘subscribe’ button. I recommend putting at least one video element with “best for viewer” one playlist related to that video and subscribe button.

6.Playlist: Playlist is underused yet powerful tools to increase views and ultimately optimize SEO. Always create a playlist add every video to the related playlist. You can add playlist element in ‘endscreen’ also.

Step IV: Get Video Views

It’s easy to rank for less competitive keywords by following above mentions technique. But in order for your video to rank for competitive keywords, it needs to get a lot of views. The views need to be real. YouTube has caught onto fake views, That’s why don’t use a third parties service to pump your views.

There are various techniques to increase your view.

NOTE: If you use all SEO technique to rank one video for a competitive keyword, you cant rank on the first page because it doesn’t work like that. You can not outrank other with only one video.

Above mentioned are Basic SEO Technique everybody is using. You must upload a video on a regular basis. Keep optimize every video using these SEO techniques sooner or later you will be ranked on top with the nice subscriber base.

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