Thunderbit Withdraw Error – 1 Million Dollar fraud

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2017)

There is Thunderbit withdraw error at an early stage of the program following Micohash. is supposed to be a developer of hardware and offers safe investments in Bitcoin mining which is not. This is high-risk investment programme. At 10 days online this site stops paying. It shows withdraw error Do not invest in this site.

Thunderbit withdraw

This is an exact replay of which stop paying at 29 days and site shutdown day after tomorrow. In this case, it may be a temporary problem as this type of high-risk site was supposed to last 30 days to 60 days.

Their official twitter account says problems with some accounts I personally get some message from some people they receive withdraw but this doesn’t mean you can invest. Still, DO NOT INVEST 

Thunderbit withdraw

They ask them who get withdraw error to send a direct message on their twitter account with your username, Date of investment and a screenshot of the total investment. You can try but don’t know it works. Comment below if it works.

Thunderbit scam

Now There twitter account also down, I am calling it. there is no chance of Thunderbit coming back.

According to their website, there is a total deposit of 402.57 BTC and a total withdrawal of 153.05 BTC. which means if this programme is shut down it’s a fraud of $ 1,077,055.73

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